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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

And Still the Music Plays

And Still the Music Plays: Stories of people with dementia  by Graham Stokes was quite a good book. It was of interest to me as it reminded me of my mum who has dementia and is in a care home. Obviously I know her story before she came into the home but those of her fellow residents I don't. The theme of this book really is that people still act rationally even when they have dementia, the main difference being that they live entirely in the now.  The author has numerous cases where he basically figures out why a resident is behaving like he is and devises a care plan to suite the needs of the resident. They are all success stories, I am sure he has a few failures as well, it would have been nice to hear those who couldn't be figured out. A good book, a bit repetitive, and a reminder that real people are still inside the shells that they appear in the home where my mum lives. 7/10

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