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Saturday, July 7, 2018

There are no Aliens!

Book 93, The Aliens Are Coming, is the first book in the Mind, Body and Spirit section. It doesn't belong there at all really, as it's in the UFO section. It's not about UFOs or even about aliens, because there aren't any that we know of. It's more about the search for life and how we might go about it. I have read numerous books that cover similar subject matters to this one, and it has no great insights. It covers the obvious subjects of the inevitability of intelligent life elsewhere, and the real blockers to multi-cellular organisms like ourselves taking hold. In the case of our planet it was the emergence of the eukaryotic cell that was the really unlikely event, but there's no real way of knowing how unique our situation is. It then discuses the problem of recognising life elsewhere as well as ever reaching it. It doesn't cover the subjects of genetic engineering or cyborgs to extend our lives, which will partly overcome the time and distance problem. Not does it cover colinisation of other planets or worlds. There are better books than this, I score it 5.0.

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