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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Christmas Grace by Anne Perry

A Christmas Grace by Anne Perry was about as bad as it gets in a book, but I did finish it. It was a mediocre "mystery" set in the Nineteenth Century in Ireland.

Anne Perry used the age-old technique of sending a character to write an account in a community which has a dark secret and which everyone but her knows. Everyone evades telling questions and looks dodgy whenever they are asked anything about the past. Inevitably one day the narrator finds it all out and eventually gets to the bottom of it รก la Miss Marple.

It's not a patch on Agatha Christie though and amazingly Anne Perry looks to have written loads of books like this. There is obviously a market for such mysteries, even if they demand so little of the reader. Inevitably A Christmas Grace gets 1 out of 10. I don't think it even had a single good page!

Next up is another large print fiction book. This one is another historical novel set around Mozart's death. I love Mozart and have read a few books about him and his music over the years.

 I've even watched Amadeus back in the era when I watched the occasional film (I watch none at all these days and haven't seen one for years). I think I quite liked it I hope this is good too I am due a good book after the recent fare.

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