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Monday, May 4, 2015

The Secret Life of Money by Daniel Davies and Tess Read

The Secret Life of Money I found a little disappointing. I was hoping for a simple explanation of what money was and how it works.

Instead The Secret Life of Money was just a series of examples of how different sorts of businesses work. Most of the examples were fairly interesting, but there was no overall structure to the book. The examples seem to be thrown together in any order. I give in 6 out of 10, with a bit more effort it could have been a better book,

I now move on to one of the most difficult sections for me to find a book in - Craft. I am the least creative and practical person in the world so this is an alien world to me. Most of the books in this section are about things like knitting and are a series of instructions. It was hard to find one that was even mainly prose. In the end I picked one about "Inchies" which didn't have many patterns.

An "Inchy" is a small one inch creative square. I can't envisage ever making one, but let's see if this book can convert me!

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