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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Lie of You by Jane Lythell

The Lie of You from Bookcase 9 is an intelligent book and an awful lot of work has gone into the characterisation you can tell. It's a psychological thriller written in two voices: from the perspective of the criminal and the victim.

It is basically about the ex-girlfriend from hell, someone who obsessively stalks her former partner's wife to the extent of getting a job in her office and invading her personal life. The story, a classic love triangle, has a long, slow build-up to the climax and is well paced throughout.

What I liked about it was all of the main characters had good and bad points. Two many crime books that I have read in this section of the library have a good/evil split between the victim and criminal which is just too unrealistic. Everyone has their good and bad points.  In this sort of book as well, the ending could have gone many ways, the inevitable happy ending where the crime is cleared up and the deranged criminal is either killed or imprisoned wasn't guaranteed in the way it has been with more popular works that I have read. I award it 8/10.

The next book is from Bookcase 10 (double figures!): Crime and Thrillers K-L. I was excluded from reading books by John Le Carre and Stephen King on the grounds of having reading books by those authors in the dim and distant past.

In the end I went for a fast-paced Swedish thriller by Hans Koppel called She's Never Coming Back.

This is a return to more explosive thrillers but I am hoping the Swedish setting will give it a unique feel.

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