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Sunday, February 1, 2015

My route around the library

I did the library an injustice in an earlier post when I said that the first shelves in the crime section were not alphabetized. In fact all the bookcases in this area are, I just never noticed. I actually started on the cases near the beginning of the alphabet and then flipped to the end as I went round the corner by the door. You see my route round the library is initially books cases with their backs to the wall and I will gradually spiral inwards. I am doing this to try and introduce some variety rather than systematically going through each section. Already I am already beginning to weary of all these crime books about psychopathic spree killers and yearn for something less stereotyped. That said there are over a hundred books on each case, I am not short of choice! I have a few more crime and thrillers to plough through before I venture right round the perimeter of the building and head towards the Teenage section. I will eventually work my way around the wall until I return to the crime section for my second lap.

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