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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Book 3 substitution

I am afraid I didn't make much of The Black Dahlia by James Elroy and I have had to go to the substitute's bench for a replacement. I read the first 20 pages and couldn't really make much of it. I normally give a book 20 pages and if I am not sure whether to continue I decide again after 50. Occasionally I might bail out later, but once I get to page 100 I am generally committed. With this book I found it difficult to follow the story or really develop any sort of interest in it. These are probably my own inadequacies, not the book's, I should add.

Anyway, what's the point in reading a book I hate when there are 100 more to choose from on the same bookcase?! Fortunately I had a couple of replacements lined up, and I have already read enough of the first one Dead Man Walking by Paul Finch to nail myself to its mast.

This is another British book I'm afraid, unusually set in Cumbria (the last two were both London-based) , but at least it's by a male author so I have deviated a bit from the pattern of the first two selections. It's fairly chunky at over 450 pages long and I suspect there's going to be quite a few murders in this book judging by the contents of the first few pages and the sheer amount of content yet to come.

So, just to summarise, here is my reading so far:

Bookcase 1 (Crime and Thrillers): Errors of Judgement by Caro Fraser (290 pages) Score: 4/10
Bookcase 2 (Crime and Thrillers): Under Your Skin by Sabine Durrant (310 pages). Score 7/10
Bookcase 3 (Crime and Thrillers): The Black Dahlia by James Elroy (rejected after 20 pages):

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