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Friday, March 24, 2017

Book 78

The Eleventh Day by Anthony Summers/Robbyn Swan was a book about the whole of 09/11, starting with the events of the day itself and going right back to the founding of Al-Qaeda in the wake of the Soviet-Afghanistan War. It covers everything in meticulous detail and is very tedious to read in places as there is just too much to take in. The best parts are the bits about the day itself (I have read a few books on this subject, but it still fascinates me) and the audacious actual plan to attack America in this way. It's a bit dated now, being written in 2010 when Obama was a new president (those were the days!). I award The Eleventh Day 6/10, well written but a bit boring for anyone but the most devoted students of the politics of Al-Qaeda.

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