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Monday, October 19, 2015

Another Rejection

After the Fall went the way of its predecessor on bookcase 51, Love You More. I did love it more as I did last about 40 pages (compared to two) but in the end I just found the style and content too irritating. It's a book that is aimed primarily at a female audience and I just couldn't face reading the whole book.

So bookcase 51 has gone the way of bookcase 49 - there are no books on either I want to read (they are both small bookcases with around 3 books on). I'm sure in the next year something will turn up on these bookcases and I will keep looking every time I go to the library.

In the meantime it's on to bookcase 52 which marks the start of a new section, Large Print. This particular bookcase seems to have a fairly unchallenging set of "light" reading so it was a bit of a challenge for me to find anything at all which I wanted to read.

In the end I picked A Christmas Grace by Anne Perry which looks to be some sort of historical mystery. I hope I manage to finish it!

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