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Monday, September 28, 2015

Amor Towles's Rules of Civillity Rejected!!

Amor Towles's Rules of Civillity was rubbish (far too much glamour, fashion and socialising for my liking!) so I have had to move on to the next shelf in the "Enjoy" section. There are only three different books on the very small bookcase where Rules of Civillity resides in the library, and the other two are both by authors I have read before. My rules do allow me to re-read writers if there is nothing else, but the other two authors I both loathe. I had to plough through a James Patterson book early in this project and I am not going to put myself through it again, and the other, Dick Francis, I thought was a hack when I was about fourteen, so there is no way I am going to enjoy his books now.

So on I move in the hope that something better will turn up on Bookcase 48. The next book from Bookcase 49 s a thriller called Lady of the Shades by Darren Shan. It's about a writer who falls in love with a gangster's wife (not a good move). At least the plot is not some hackneyed tale that has been told a thousand times before, so there's hope I might enjoy it.

It's good to be back reading fiction the problem is there is a sea of mediocrity with the odd jewel that keeps you coming back.

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