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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hedgehog in Your Garden by Doreen King

Book 38, Hedgehog in Your Garden by Doreen King, is a fairly comprehensive book for encouraging hedgehogs to come in your garden and eventually adopt them as a sort of wild pet.

In fact it goes a lot further than most people would ever dream I suspect, to the point of looking after hedgehogs, bringing them into the house and even keeping them in cages as a full time pet like a rabbit.

I think there's little chance of me ever doing any of those things, but there's a few things that I could begin to do to encourage them to use our garden, if they don't already. All in all Hedgehog in Your Garden scored 5 out of 10, there's nothing really wrong with up but for 99% of people all they need to read is the couple of pages that encourage them to come in the first place.

The next book, the 39th, is the penultimate book from Home/Garden/Pets section and it's about the home. It sounds a similar book to Bill Bryson's rather rambling work At Home which I read a couple of years ago.

There's so many different objects and tools around the house that there's almost an infinite stock of things to write about on this subject matter. Let's see how it compares to At Home.

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