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Friday, May 15, 2015

How to Look at a Painting by Françoise Barbe-Gall.

Book 30, How to Look at a Painting, was probably the worst book I have ever read!

Never can a book have been so inappropriately mistitled. I don't think a single sentence of this work described in a generic way how to look at a painting. Instead a random selection of around 40 paintings were described in the most pretentious and roundabout way. At best what was written can be described as random text to fill the available space in between the pictures.

A book like this shouldn't be hard to write. It should slowly introduce the reader to art starting with fairly simple works and progressing slowly to more abstract pieces. The skills conveyed to the reader should apply to any painting.

Instead a truly monstrous lie has been assembled. I find it staggering that this book could be published under such a title. How to Look at a Painting gets the lowest possible score of 1 out of 10 and it doesn't even deserve that.

Both art books I have read have been dire, this even worse than the Cezanne book. There are two art bookcases left and I know there are some half decent art books about as I have read one or two before that I have at least reached the end through choice!

Anyway the next book from bookcase 31 is not about art per se, it's about coins!

I was a great stamp collector as a teenager and it was my great passion for much of my mid-teens (not many people can claim that I bet!). I have never been a coin man, I appreciate the joys of collecting, and I would like to take up again one day. Maybe this book will give me the impetus I need.

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