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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ramage by Dudley Pope

I have finished Ramage by Dudley Pope my first book from Shelf 7.  The book was actually written in the 1960s and was published a few years before I was born. Dudley Pope is long dead of course, but it's the first book I have read during this project that was not set or written in modern times.

It was a nautical adventure story set at the end of the Eighteenth century. There was a lot of naval terminology which took a while getting used to but in the end I just accepted that I couldn't follow all the details of ships and navigation described. That didn't stop me getting the general story-line I hope. I'd describe this book as a good yarn, It seemed to very well researched for an historical novel, with a passable plot and fair, if a little stiff, characterisation. I award it 6/10.

I've just over 100 pages left of Bookcase 8's Kiss the Girls, which I can't wait to finish! Then when that's done I will return to Bookcase 7 for The Last Chapter, which I foolishly started reading and am desperate to continue, even though I have already read a book from that bookcase - and therefore under my own rules don't need to.

Then I will be free to proceed to Bookcase 9.....

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