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Monday, February 9, 2015

Kiss The Girls by James Patterson

I have finished Kiss The Girls by James Patterson from Bookshelf 8 and I hated it! It's written as an action-packed page turner. No chapter is more than four pages, no paragraph is longer than four sentences, most sentences are just a few words long, and there are endless cliff hangers.

The two main characters of course never die, the villains are totally evil and totally stupid, and the police (other than Alex Cross) are useless. This book doesn't ask an awful lot of the reader and I found myself hating it more and more is it trundled on to the inevitable ending where the killers were first revealed and then killed by Alex Cross. I award it 3/10, and I will definitely not read any more "airport" thrillers like this.

I'll finish my second book that I got distracted with from Bookshelf 7 and then reveal the chosen book from Bookshelf 9.

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