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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Teenager Again!

Bookcase's 12 (Book of the Week) book The Finest Hour by Lissa Evans failed to spark any interest in me and I bailed out after 50 pages. Obviously being longlisted for the Orange Prize was not good enough for me! There is always a chance of course that it might improve over the next 350 pages but I wasn't prepared to take that chance.

I'll have to wait until another Book of the Week that I haven't read turns up before I can say that that (very small) bookcase containing just one book is done. In the meantime I have moved on to Bookcase 13, the first of three Teenage bookcases. I didn't expect to find an author on here than I had read before, but there was: James Patterson who I read a tedious book by on Bookcase 8, it looks like he writes material for young people as well. Fortunately my rules won't allow me to read another book by him again on my tour around the library, I can't say I am disappointed.

I can't recall reading many teenage books 35 years ago when I was a young teenager, or even if an equivalent section existing in the library back then (I have vague recollections of a bookcase for elder children in the Children's Section of my local library, but I don't remember reading much from it). When the time came I moved straight from the children's section to the adult section.

In the end I picked from Bookcase 13 The Piper by Danny Weston, it looks like a thriller/ghost story of sorts.

It's difficult to know what to expect because I have no recent experience of this corner of the literary world (other than one Harry Potter book I have read in the last year). I'm not expecting to enjoy the teenage section, but you never know I might be surprised and I'll enjoy being a teenager again.

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