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Friday, January 9, 2015

Over 100 Books to Choose From: Bookcase 2

Bookcase 2 represented the first full size bookcase I have encountered to date. There were well over 100 Crime and Thriller books on it. There were only about half a dozen books  I had read before on it: a few Sherlock Holmes books I read in my early teens and a book by Louise Doherty, who coincidentally I came to see give a presentation at Dorking Library on her book Apple Tree Yard, which I came away with a signed copy of, that I subsequently enjoyed.

The book I selected Under Your Skin is by a former Guardian writer Sabine Durrant that I haven't come across before. It's definitely a crime book unlike my last selection because there's a murder victim found by the protagonist in the first chapter! I'm hoping for a intelligent suspense novel with lots of twists and turns, and it seems fairly promising after the first couple of chapters.

Going back to Louise Doherty, who I re encountered on Bookcase 2, but couldn't select books by for this project because of my rule about not reading authors I have read before, Surrey Libraries have fairly frequent author events that cost a small fee to attend, and you get to hear authors talk about their books, answer questions from the audience and sign copies of their latest works. It was one of these events that I came too when Louise and a younger writer called Susie Steiner both spoke, very well in fact.

You can even find a list of events coming up on the library web site on their Library Events page. I've been to a few I think and they are well worth attending. I'll be mentioning from time to time on here the services that libraries like those in Surrey offer as I am sure not everyone appreciates the full range of things that are organised by them (including probably me!).

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