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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Forward Dash to Bookcase Six

I have finished Forward Slash and found it reasonably enjoyable, although I am beginning to weary a bit of the spree killer stories which have been my main experience of the crime/thriller section so far. The start of this book was terrific and got me immediately hooked on the story, wanting to know more. The main plot centres around Internet dating and social networking as a way of luring women to their deaths, as such it's a book that will be out of date in a few years time because the pace of technology is so fast that readers before long won't follow some of it. As with all of these books, the psychopath of course kills minor characters very quickly but lingers over the death of the central figures in the story, which gives them time to escape/strike back. If I take all this as artistic licence and to be almost expected of the genre, I still found the end to be a bit disappointing and contrived. If only the authors had given the ending as much thought as the beginning, rather than just a way of wrapping up the book as it started to approach the optimal length, I would give it a higher mark, but it still gets a respectable 7/10.

 For Bookcase Six (Crime and Thrillers, R-S) I had the full choice of the bookcase, with the exception of Wilbur Smith whom I have read one non-crime book by. In the end I picked The Whispering Gallery by Mark Sanderson. It's set in the 1940s, unlike all the other crime fiction I have read which has taken place in the present day. The story still seems to revolve around the inevitable spree killer (note to myself, the next book shouldn't contain a spree killer), and it's set in London (note to myself, I have to move away from books set in England), but at least it's got an historical theme to make it a bit different to what I have already read. There'll be no tweets or plot devices based upon Facebook security settings in this book!

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