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Monday, January 5, 2015

An Error of Judgement

It was an error of judgement, almost the title of my first book, to only select one volume off the first bookcase. I borrowed the book on a Saturday and of course the library is closed on a Sunday, so by the time I had read a couple of chapters and realised I didn't think too much of Errors of Judgement, then it was too late too change.

Errors of Judgement was put in the Crime and Thrillers section but it is neither (in the first 100 pages anyway). It's set in the legal profession, so there is some sort of tenuous connection to crime I suppose, but is basically what I would call a soap opera of the characters who work for this law firm Caper Court.

The book's characters seem to spend most of the time drinking in expensive wine bars, conducting sexual affairs with beautiful people of both sexes and talking about their vast salaries. Office politics bores me in real life so I have no interest in reading 400 pages of a fictional version.

That said 100 pages in and I have developed a slight interest in the storyline so I'll probably plough through the next 300 pages to complete this book. I have invested too much time and effort to start again with some other book. But from now on I will be getting more than one book from each bookcase. It's very difficult to judge a book by its cover, as the phrase goes.

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